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About Floor Explorations

In a CFR® Floor lesson you rest comfortably on a table or floor. A practitioner guides you through novel movement sequences using verbals and guiding touch. Your motor system is engaged and “learns” through personal exploration how to re-organize movement patterns for upgraded functional, pain-free moment.

About Table Explorations

In a CFR® Table Lesson you rest comfortably and passively on a table. A practitioner uses gentle, safe touch and intention to highlight your body’s abilities and limitations. Your nervous system begins to recognize what it does out of awareness. (Habitual patterns of holding and function.) With this new awareness, you and your practitioner discover patterns that can be upgraded for functional, pain-free movement.

What is Learned Can be Unlearned

Cortical Field Reeducation® works through the sensory motor-cortex to eliminate physical dysfunction and the emotional issues tied to it, freeing as well the habitual, self-limiting, protective behavior patterns associated with trauma. By releasing deep, long-standing muscular contraction – NOT LOCALLY – BUT AT A PLACE IN THE BRAIN WHERE IT IS ENCODED, we dramatically increase our ability to sense and feel. This work is about upgrading the clarity of the sensory information fed into our organic computer, which is our agent of change.



• Those who have looked to the intellect as the answer, gradually relegating the body to the status of a vehicle to house the mind.
• Those who are dealing with old injuries or trauma never totally healed or a lifetime of stiffness from sedentary pursuits.
• Those who want to optimize their athletic and sports performance and reduce risk of future injury.
• Those who have focused on the spiritual without realizing that a healthy body, comfortable with itself, is a clearer channel for meditation and intuition.
• Those who want to regain the ease and joy of learning and moving they had as a child.

CFR® & Healing