Dorita Rodriguez, MA – Recovery from Paralysis

Dorita Rodriquez is a linguist who developed paralyzing symptoms with keyboard translation work. Her symptoms go so bad she was not even been able to hold her newborn. It all changed with CFR®.

Gordon Wheeler
President of Esalen

PhD., Harvard, President of Esalen Institute. Clinical Psychologist, Author, Editor, Gestalt Press


June Engel, MD

Stanford graduate says, “…it felt like life didn’t have to be so heavy…it will be life-changing… “

Catherine Mayer

Psychiatrist and former staff member of Menninger Clinic says, “I came away…absolutely stunned.

Wendy Evans

Wendy Evans, Ph.D. is a gestalt coach that had her life totally changed.

Physical Therapists

Barbara Wiedemeire PT

“I got a lot more than I expected. This modality is so powerful. It gets down to a cellular level. It changes the whole brain patterning.”

Melissa Krikorian PT

Even as a con-ed junkie, Melissa Krikorian wasn’t getting the results she wanted. This changed “the way I did business.” I like it a lot better than working in a third-party payer system.

Monica Lesslie, PT DPT

“Over our life-time, we have hard experiences that cause us to layer on physical, emotional, and mental compensations as tools to help us get through life.”

Body Workers

Carrie-Anne Belanger

Massage therapist and Pilates Instructor, Carrie-Ann was “shocked and surprised. I clearly see how it will change how it will work with my clients at all levels.”

Hellen Melville

Hellen Melville on CFR®

Michael Hempen

A deep body worker for over 25 years, Michael Hempen says, “I felt like I struck gold. . . feel like I reclaimed my youth and function…”